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  Lifestyle Management 

Speaking with a Bahamas Lifestyle Manager/Concierge will allow you to get more hours out of your day. You may use this extra time to spend with family and friends or focus on skills that were always of interest but where one had limited resources ie.  Spare time or reliable support.


Lifestyle Management involves a variety of tasks tailored to the needs of clients.  A sample of tasks can include:

  • Yacht Liaison for local vendors 

  • Grocery Store Runs , Provisioning

  • Utility Bill Payments/Organization

  • Package Collection & Delivery

  • Airport Drop off,  avoid car park fees

Senior Concierge :

Seniors are just like everyone else and have responsibilities to fulfill. But as you age, it may get harder to get around as you once did.

  • Appointment Chaperone

  • Prescription pickup/drop off

  • Mailing, picking up packages (i.e. courier)

  • Taking care of dry cleaning

  • Tech support ie. Smartphones/ Laptop

  • Visiting and check up on well being  (i.e. meal delivery, overall wellness)

  • Participating in a hobby or interest  

  • Yacht Liaison for Local Vendors (ie. musicians, florists, spa therapists, activities)

  • Crew Transfers - To & From Marinas etc. (even on charter off-days)

  • Pre-book vehicle transfers on island (Black car service on special request)

  • Flexible transit options  (hourly, day, weekly competitive rates etc)

  • Grocery Store/Fresh Produce Provisioning for Chefs (interior & guests lists)

  • Captain, Chef & Chief Stewardess Support (excellent communication)

  • Freelance & Day Work on demand, able to flip during tight turn-arounds for charters.

  • Package Collection & Delivery                                                                                                 Yachting Concierge Page >


  • Pre-book vehicle transfers on island ie. Airport etc. 
  • Flexible and safe transit options 

  • For Yacht Crew 

  • For Family or Friends 

  • Island Cruises / Tours 

  • Refreshments & Snacks can be pre stocked before bookings

  • Booster seat and Wifi available, upon request  

  • Private transfers are available to book in advance using 'collection slots' for multiple business meetings in a short time frame. Or simply visiting the island for the day? etc. We are a quick phone call away.

Property Management 

If you are in need of a home management company, rest assured that your valued investment will be taken care of while you’re away. We have years of experience. We are also able to prep your stay before your arrival with Air BnB's, condos, vacation homes and guest houses.

  • Fridge Stock & Provisioning

  • Ventilation  (Fresh Air, doors and windows etc.)

  • Refresh /Light Cleaning

  • Video of onsite property visits (before and after) 

  • Property verification, before visiting island .Verify property exists on island before travels. i.e. Air BnB

  • Absentee Home & Property Watch Services , Pet Feeding

  • Welcome Drinks & Snacks,  Guest Meet & Greets, Property Tours etc.

 Corporate &Financial Concierge 

  • We are able to provide guidance to local firms.

  • Business/Investment Firm Consultancy

  • Business client visiting from overseas for corporate meetings. We can be a verified point of contact for local companies.

  • Corporate Conferences Support  

  • Office Organization / Cleaning

  • Guidance to local island for visiting families or for relocation assignments.

 Weddings & Events 

We are able to assist with Micro Weddings & Events :

  • Pre - Arrange Event Set Up

  • Post - Event Cleaning

  • Luxe Floral, Desserts/Cake, Balloon Bookings 

  • Referrals in collaboration with the Bahamas Bridal Association

  • Bridal Assistant on special day

  • Guest List Management, Cocktail Hour support

  • Private Dining/Brunch  

  • Children's/Teen Party Chaperone - extra support (let's not get out numbered by the precious gems)

  • Drive by milestone celebrations - Graduations, Birthdays, Bridal, Maternity, Professional licence.

  • Day-Of Events:

Why is a Day-Of event planner needed? Everything is booked for your special event! Hooray!.. but who is responsible for juggling vendors on the day-of? We provide assurance those tiny details work out how you envisioned them to be.

Payment Policies

Payment Policy: 

  1.  Please note that a 50% percent deposit is required for services. Further, full payment will be due two days prior to your confirmed date of service. Failure to make payment can result in your request being cancelled, with the exception of prior approval from Management.

  2. Payments can be made via  verified Direct Online payment link, Mobile POS terminal, PayPal, Sun Cash, Kanoo, Local Bank Transfer, Cheque (in advance).  We also accept Visa & MasterCard. Bank information provided, upon special request. We are fully CASHLESS, exception granted at management's discretion only. 

Stay in touch:

  • Check us out online at

  • Call / Whats App us at (+1242) 801-1873 / (+1242) 432-1873.

  • Zoom /Microsoft Team Meetings: Also available, per requests.

  • Email:

  • Social Media Tag : @thepalmwinds

You are encouraged to leave us a review on Trip Advisor!  or Contact us to  provide your comments and feedback.

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